Award Dr Gomez Ulla a la Excelencia Sanitaria

The idea of designing a more reliable and safe technique with very natural results comes after many years of performing rhinoplasty with closed and open or external techniques and being fully aware of the limitations of both techniques.

The main technical problem of closed rhinoplasty is that it cannot adequately expose the anatomy of the nasal tip with which it is not possible to understand why the patient has the shape of the nasal tip in a certain way. The incision we make to endonasal level allows us to expose the nasal dorsum but not the average and intermediate crura of the wing cartilages, we can only visualize a part of the lateral crura with which we can only assess what amount of alar cartilage of the lateral crura we have eliminated but we do not know if the amount of alar cartilage that we have left is symmetrical, with which the nasal tips tend to be asymmetric and / or unnatural.

My technique has many advantages, there is no visible external scar, the anatomical exposure that is achieved is very similar to external rhinoplasty with which we can understand why a nose has a certain shape and what are the appropriate maneuvers for correction and also with just reposition the skin and we see the result of them without waiting at the end of the procedure, which if we are satisfied we continue to progress in the surgery.
The technique I have designed is much more logical and therefore the results are much more predictable and natural.